Thursday, June 19, 2014


There was once a man named Willy.

Willy, among other things, loved music.

I mean, Willy really, really loved it.  So much, that he’d listen to music every day.

He’d listen to music in the morning, while making breakfast.

He’d listen to music at work, with his earphones.

Willy would even listen to music late at night, as he drifted off to sleep.

One day, after years and years of enjoying music every day, Willy started to feel strange.  By strange, I mean Willy began to feel a little lighter.  Almost as though a whole lot of weight had been taken off his back.

This sensation, which at first Willy loved, eventually began to grow.  When this first started, Willy felt even greater.  He felt as if he could float out into space with his earphones in, away from the world, with nothing able to hurt him.  He was, at that time, as free as a bird flying through space.

But then, after a little while, Willy felt something new.  This new feeling was slightly uncomfortable.  It made Willy (even though he was still very, very light) feel a little bit uneasy.  So uneasy, that he began to listen to a little less music than before.

After a short while, Willy found a way to describe this new feeling.  It was a feeling of floating too far away from the world.  Before, he’d always felt as though a magical tether had kept him connected to the earth’s surface.  Now, he couldn’t feel the tether at all.

In fact, after some time, he didn’t feel attached to anything at all.  Willy now felt as though he were floating through empty space, the Earth completely out of view.  And furthermore, Willy now felt he had to listen to his music; if he didn’t, he was sure he would float faster and further away, and never be able to find his way home.

Now, far, far out in space, Willy floated, his eyes closed and his earphones in.  The music blared and vibrated into Willy’s head.

Now, all alone but for the endless music playing in his ears, Willy floated away, deep into space, eyes closed and in a state almost like sleep.

And he floated.

And floated.

And floated.

Until finally, after a long, long period of time, Willy’s music player ran out of battery.

And then Willy woke up.

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