Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blip and Bleep

There was once a Blip. A particular type of Blip, this Blip was. One of a kind. For now, its name is simply Blip. Blip the Blip (or Blip the unique type of Blip).

Blip did not know exactly how long it had existed for. It knew it had been quite some time, though. During that time, from what Blip could recall—things were, admittedly, a little hazy for Blip—things had been generally okay. Nothing too bad had happened.

Blip had come to exist, at some point, and had continued to do so right up until now.

And now.

And right now.

But just now, Blip began to feel something different. Something had, as if from absolutely nowhere at all, appeared; and this thing made Blip feel a different way to what Blip would normally feel. This feeling, though of course Blip couldn't put a name to it (Blip didn't really speak, but rather made little noises whenever they decided to arise), was a feeling of being unsettled; eventually, this very same feeling would turn into sadness; and finally, though Blip don't yet know or feel it, to loneliness.

When the change first came, Blip made a new noise. Blip sighed.

(The sigh would be equivalent to the words, Oh no! I feel different and I don't know what to do!)

But Blip couldn't speak. Blip could only sigh.

And sigh and sigh and sigh.

Blip wandered around more than ever now. The world Blip inhabited had been relatively small until the coming of the sigh; only this new feeling, this new expression, had driven Blip to explore the boundaries surrounding what Blip already knew.

Who knows, Blip thought, Maybe there is an answer out there.

And, in a way, there was. But it didn't come from the world Blip was exploring; it came from Bloop.

Bloop was kind of like Blip, but in some ways very different. When Blip first saw Bloop, the world seemed to shift in its entirety. Like the universe had sneezed and in the tumultuous uproar had produced something new.

And though, again, Blip couldn't quite explain it logically, another new feeling arose. This feeling was something like what we would call ‘fascination’.

Bloop was, it seemed, a very beautiful type of Blip. A very, very beautiful one indeed.

From the get go, in fact, Blip experienced a shortness of breath. This took some time to subside. Often, Blip would find that no breath was moving at all; nothing in, nothing out.  It was almost as though Blip was choking on thin air.

For longer and longer moments, things would be quite still for Blip, but a tightness would form inside. This, Blip would figure out one day, had something to do with the sigh. Though for now, he didn't quite know what the link was.

All the while, Bloop would prance and dance around as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Meeting Blip hadn't really affected Bloop too much; if anything, Bloop danced and sang more. Because that's what Bloop had always done: danced and sang.

One day, some time after Blip met Bloop, Bloop stopped dancing and singing and went over to Blip, who was still choking on air trying to breathe.

Blip, Bloop said, Are you alright?

Blip, at this point, was choking harder than ever.

In fact, the only point at which Blip stopped choking was when Blip needed to release a sigh.  So, really, all Blip could do at this point was choke, and sigh.

Poor Bloop simply couldn’t understand what was wrong with Blip.  All Bloop could think to do was to take Blip’s little hands, sway them back and forth, and try to get Blip to dance with her.

When she did this, Blip began to change.  The choking redness of his face changed to a colour much like the blueness of the sky.

Anf for some reason, which Bloop could not at all explain, she became very pink in the face.

As if on cue, Blip now stopped choking.

And stopped sighing.

And Blip and Bloop started dancing and breathing together.

And the way they danced was so beautiful, that neither of them really took notice of the world anymore.

Blip could breathe and had stopped sighing, while Bloop finally had someone to dance with.

It was almost as if Blip and Bleep were meant to find one another.


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