Friday, August 12, 2016

Little Brother

Somewhere in a time and space considered to be in the past, Little Brother sits perched in the upper regions of a tall tree, peering down into a yard.  I know Little Brother, because he's me.  Little Brother is afraid and I know he's afraid because I am still afraid; the echoes of Little Brother and all of my many little brothers warble and bounce over time, piercing it and bringing everything into a large sphere of experience, of life at the present, of all these kinds of every-things.

He looks down over the years but he's not really thinking about it, but instead is thinking about how far away all the people seem; about why things are so confusing, why no one seems to be able to see and feel him the way he can.  Sickness in the stomach; a seemingly constantly furrowed brow; a shrinking away from it all because it all seems to be some cruel joke that can't be understood, and doesn't seem like it's ever going to be understood because everything around is functioning on a level he cannot relate to.  Why? he asks, over and over.  There's not enough logic and rational thought there yet to create a large, detailed analysis of the whole thing; a lot of it is just felt intensely, and left for the stirrings of rationality to fail to make sense of.

So, I send him a star.

I feel I know what he needs, now, though I've never really spoken to him.  Just felt him there, poor Little Brother - and all of his little brothers from different times and spaces - sitting atop that tree, staring out over the neighbourhood in the suburbs of the place he was born into.  The tree, right at the top, was always a safe place; and also a fun place, where he played a lot with his blood brother and sister, and his friends.  It's peaceful up there - believe me, I should know.  Once you get that high up there's an air of ambience, a glow that sits over and above all of the things happening in a suburb like that; in a life like that.  The oxygen is different, too.  There are birds all about and you can see them and the sky seems to be displaying it's vastness in a more personal way, like it's been trying to coax you up all along, for a long time; as though it's almost always been saying, "Hey!  Come up here!  I have something to show you!"

And in a way, that's exactly what it is telling Little Brother, because I''m sending him a star from the cosmic infinity above, sending it way down through the layers and layers, the auras and auras of the Earth, right down over that city, that suburb and straight down in line with the trunk of the tree, to the space at the top where Little Brother is sitting.  I know he'll get the message; see, if anyone knows him, it's me, because I'm not only his older brother - I am he.  All I have needed to do is to look into my heart, look into my memory symbol system, to see what needs to be sent within the star.  A message, from one heart to another; and I've always said - always - that our hearts are old friends.  Sometimes, old friends write letters to one another; and sometimes, they send them across time, space and absolutely anything and everything, in order to for a needed vibration to be able to land right where it's needed.  So I sent the star.

Little Brother is in need of something that couldn't be provided then; and he doesn't, of course, understand why things are as they are.  How could he?  There are no fingers of blame.  Maybe he wants to start pointing some; maybe that's how he reacts and maybe that's how some of his older brothers reacted too.  But this needn't matter.  The message is sent to help Little Brother, not to reprimand him.  Such a boy deserves no punishment, no judgment.  Those kinds of vibrations would have stopped me reaching right now, where I feel I can send him this message.  Everything has led up to this; I am prepared now, understanding, that some messages need to be sent out, back over everything and time; to little patches in my heart that are like the sounds of that echo, bouncing of the walls of my soul.  Calling me to pay attention to something - or someone.  Little Brother.

He looks up and sees this huge star coming from the wide blue sky.  It falls right down into his soul, fitting quite easily (it was very specially designed); and yes, the message reaches him.

It reads:

Little Brother: What you are feeling is very special.  There is love all around you, and you are well on your way to finding your way.  I love you.

And little brother releases a little bit.  The star from the sky has reminded him of something he forgot about; and deep inside of him, he knows that it was he who sent that star, and that to be so powerful as to do such a thing, he must be on his way to growing into a very special person.  This feeling grows and grows, as Little Brother steps forward in time; and that place, up there in the tree, where there is peace and beauty, fresh air and the company of wondrous natural things - that place goes into his heart, as a guide.

Little Brother knows he may need it later on.

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