Friday, August 9, 2013

Trail of a Lonesome Gringo (VIX): The Stars…and What They’re ‘Actually’ Called

This episode begins and ends in the same way, the serpent finding its own tail.  Like everything.  Nonetheless.  Figure why not, might as well, the tours aren’t too expensive and despite the fact that I will ask what I’m doing over and over, it was worth going.  Always is.  Had a big beer beforehand because apparently that helps with symptoms of isolation and what not; and also, it was fun doing quizzes about the Spanish language in a foreign bar away from all the locals like a weirdo.  Waiting for the tour bus to arrive.  The sheep herded in; it always feels this way, no matter what.  It’s not an altogether negative sentiment.  I mean, tours are tours.  They aren’t going to suddenly become individualised, the tour guide addressing each individual personality as per their subjective experience in regards to the topic and environment at hand.  Dreaming on.  So off we all go, me, my mates from all over the world, on what will be the most rational astronomy tour imaginable.  I suppose it is a very scientific field, I just didn’t really think about that.  Lots of research out here.  Two things I picked up on about the whole thing, which I found funny.  First, telescopes are phallic.  Second, the land out here is so alien, so extra-terrestrial, that I find it very ironic that this is the ideal place for peering out into the universe to discover things.  Two awesomely interesting things I think.  Phallic.  See, because they’re like big male apparatuses pointing into the sky to discover things.  Big dicks, man!  Very masculine and very paternal.  Don’t worry honey, I’ll look through this telescope and tell you what’s going on.  And the fact that it’s such an alien land; well, this is just off tap, because in searching for alien lands and information regarding the great vastness of space and the sky and what it contains, we must set up in places which more or less resemble what we’re looking at.  Not exactly, I know; way too simple.  But the general idea is there.  Looking at Mars from Mars.  Looking at the Moon from the Moon.  They even call them things like the Valley of the Moon or the Valley of Death.  And with these awesomely huge big-dick apparatuses tell us what’s out there, despite the fact that it’s in a sense beneath our feet.  Almost literally.  Probably literally.  Bunch of monkey looking through a hole to see a graphic representation of what is deemed reality.  I know I sound sour but man…there’s just something in these sentiments.  I’ve been concentrating lately on my posture; what the madre said effected me and I understood it because I learnt something like it in my first ayahuasca ceremony.  In fact, without my posture, I may not have made it out of that ceremony alive.  Breathing too.  Epic aspects.  Anyhow, the astronomy tour.  Really interesting despite my devilish opinions.  Haha.  Truly though.  Run by a Canadian fellow named Les.  Guys, this is Les, the most rational man available tonight.  Great sense of humour though.  He told us all what we were ‘actually’ seeing.  Because apparently what we see isn’t...well, what we see.  And he also named all the stars for us, thank god.  Though at one pointy I took a small moment to consult the stars and they all, not one excluded, were of the opinion that this guy was a little on the lost side.  They claimed they were exactly what they were, rather than a lot of Mesopotamian and Greco-latin names.  Les pointed this out himself, though I don’t think he quite understood.  He also recommended downloading the iPhone applications to allow us to, again, see what was ‘really’ up there.  I know, I have a hang up, but nonetheless.  I love the astronomy stuff.  It’s great and really interesting and the names are awesome.  But poor Les was stuck in the sky!  Se           rj from System of a Down always warned me: don’t ever get stuck in the sky.  I try not to.  Les was stuck.  But he has a lot of cool things to say.  He also wrote off astronomy and all other interpretations of the sky.  He also poked fun at indigenous interpretations.  All in good humour.  He also…well, you get the picture.  Les was just that kind of guy.  Scientific, like the Herald Sun.  What first got me about Les’s spiel was that the world was round.  I know, silly, but I still have a strong inkling based on my own experience that it is, in a sense, quite flat.  Have you ever experienced walking upon the earth in a curve?  Other than on hills and such.  I mean, for the most part, I find myself on flat ground.  I understand that it may ‘be round’ in that sense, that formulaic sense, that sense from the heights of an airplane window.  But.  I walk on flat ground most of the time.  And the shapes in the sky, how stupid Les made them out to be.  How vague.  Oh poor Les; he was unaware that what he saw in the sky, rational as it was, was more or less astrological too!  Because it is himself that he sees in his astronomical worldview up there.  Les in the sky, no doubt.  Haha.  I doubt I make sense, but Les my man, they’re not such silly notions.  He mad good jokes though and I did enjoy the rhythm of his speech.  He tried to involve all previous worldviews in the tour, but wound up just taking the piss out of all of them but his.  Lovely enough guy.  It’s so lucky that Les knows exactly what’s going on though!  I mean, when death touches his shoulder, he will surely be able to face it with no fear in light of modern astronomy.  A star is a star.  Fascinating, but not magic.  Not magic.  So after the words we all got to look into a whole bunch of telescopes, which was very interesting.  They showed us what was really happening!  Haha.  But in all seriousness, personally, I found it quite dull.  I looked through all the different phalluses, took in their meanings; but nothing compared to the vast night sky I saw with my own two eyes.  In fact, a lot of the visuals seemed like CGI or something.  Not in the sense that they weren’t impressive, but that I felt that what I saw naturally was more real.  He even qualified a lot of what we saw through the telescopes as ‘just the atmosphere distorting the image’ or something like that.  Inside I was all like Les, my man, isn’t what we’re all seeing right here and now on the money?  But I didn’t say anything of course, because there was too much to say and not much point in saying it.  One telescope showed me an awesome sparkler-like effect, two stars next to each other which look like one with the ‘naked’ eye (naked ain’t real?).  It was a mad display, but it felt like I was watching something from a video game.  Others just showed magnified sections of stars, which was cool.  He pointed out the research centre a few miles away and I thought long and hard about what exactly they were doing over there.  Big projects out here.  It’s clear so much f the year that here is where a lot happens.  Oddly, Les mentioned magic mushrooms and weed a few times, in reference to what ancient peoples must have done during the night without much else to do (Riiiight…).  I did find this interesting though, and was on the verge of commenting to Les about these things.  But alas, I held back because I often feel that these actions would be akin to throwing water at a wall to knock it down.  I wondered long and hard about whether Les had tried these substances he used to parody ancient experience.  Not sure.  Doubt it, but I do think people can take these mind-opening substances and still remain in a very stable, concrete, narrow worldview.  In fact, I’m of the opinion that that very thing, ego-based and sure in its ways, can be magnified to endlessness with these things.  Only to suggest itself, though not everyone gets the punch line.  So after the telescopes we had question and answer time in which I just sat there in my newfound posture and wondered if anyone had anything provocative to say.  I also wondered about my own ideas.  I’m not sure of them; but that’s probably what separates me and Les.  Off we went back to town where I had some wine, spoke to folk and had a smoke; and all was well and there was no hell, no epic logical blokes.  Stuck in the sky, Les.  Serj tried to tell you.  Keep a foot down.  Keep a foot on the ground.  Otherwise, when the aliens do come, you’ll be the first they probe, anally, because that’s where all your fear lay.  Much love and sorry for the tone.  To the skies and beyond, lovers.

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